Innovators Forum

Read below to learn more about the format of your presentation. Please let us know if you have any questions!


  • 30-35 minute PowerPoint presentation

  • Feel free to bring prototypes, drawings, etc.


The need:

  • Clinical problem and consequence of the problem

  • Pediatric subpopulation (age range 0-21 years)

  • Incidence of disease/condition in U.S. (How many people per year newly acquire this disease/condition?)

  • Prevalence of disease/condition in U.S. (How many people have had this disease/condition during a specified time period?)

The device:

  • Envisioned solution

  • Potential value proposition of the technology

  • Stage of the solution & milestones achieved

  • Anticipated device class (Click here to learn more)

    • Class 1, Class 2, Class 3

  • Anticipated regulatory pathway

    • Exempt, 510k clearance, Humanitarian Device Exemption, Premarket Approval

The market:

  • Target users

  • Competitive landscape & existing products on the market

  • Market size


  • Questions for the PDC


Our meetings are attended by a group of 10-15 clinicians, engineers, trainees, and industry professionals involved in medical technology innovation. Based on your intake survey, we will reach out to our network to invite experts to assist you.


The room is equipped with a projector, whiteboard, and tabletop computer connectors that work with both Mac and PC laptops.