UCSF-Stanford Pediatric Device Accelerator
Application Details

Step 1

Prepare the following attachments:

  • 1-Page Executive Summary (attach in PDF format, 0.5” margins, 11 pt font or larger). This is your chance to tell your story and sell your idea. The Executive Summary should contain the following 5 sections, with headings for each:

  1. Clinical Need: Describe the unmet pediatric clinical need and how the proposed device meets that need. How was the need identified? Mention any need validation studies done to date (e.g. literature review, consumer study, market survey, etc.)

  2. Proposed Solution: How does your product work? Describe the technology required in the proposed device. What are the technical/product risks?

  3. Target Customer, Users & Stakeholders: Who will be the primary customer (i.e. payer) for your device? Who will be its primary user(s)? How does your product fit into the current workflow/cycle of care? What other stakeholders are important to product use and adoption?

  4. Value Proposition: What is the value proposition your solution offers to your key stakeholders? I.e., how does your product improve outcomes, lower cost, and/or increase access to care. Has this value proposition been validated?

  5. Market & Competition: Describe the market for your product and competitors in this space. What are the barriers to entry and the key advantages of your product? Include market size and compare the expected cost of your technology with that of currently available technologies.

  • 1-Page Project Timeline (attach in PDF format, 0.5” margins, 11 pt font or larger). Create a 1-year timeline for the work to be completed under a PDC Accelerator award of up to $50,000. Identify the proposed research activities, product development steps, and milestones. Indicate the major costs and budget items associated with each milestone.

  • Video or Concept Illustration (optional). A picture speaks a thousand words. Attach either a 1-minute video in mp4 format or a PDF file (1 page max) illustrating your device concept (e.g. annotated sketch, engineering drawing, diagram, photo, etc.).

  • Bio (optional). If a LinkedIn profile is not available, attach a resume, CV or biosketch of the project lead. 

Step 2

Complete the application survey. You may save your progress and return to it by following the link from the same computer and browser you used to begin.

Step 3

Upload your attachments at the end of the survey (follow prompts in survey).

Step 4

Submit! A confirmation message will appear upon successful submission of your application. If you do not receive a confirmation message, please contact Stacy Kim (stacy.kim@ucsf.edu).