Market Research

First Steps

One of the first things to do when you are researching your device idea is to see how many procedures are completed each year for the disease or malformation.

Step 1: Determine The IDC-9-CM Code

The best way to start is to first determine the IDC-9-CM code for the disease.  IDC stands for International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.
Go to to find the appropriate code.

Step 2: Get The Statistics

Once you have found the correct IDC-9-CM code, you can access data regarding National Statistics on Children from the Agency for Healthcare and Research and Quality (HCUP) website. HCUP stands for Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project. This site collects data on diseases and conditions for adults and children. 

Then follow the steps listed below:

  1. Click “Statistics on specific diagnoses or procedures.”
  2. Select a year. (You can repeat the process for all years listed)  
  3. Click “Specific Diagnosis by IDC-9-CM.”
  4. Click “Principal Diagnosis.”
  5. Enter your IDC-9-CM code.
  6. Select “Outcomes and Measures” you want to get statistics on.
  7. Check appropriate boxes.
  8. Select “Patient and Hospital Characteristics.”
  9. Check appropriate boxes.
  10. Click “next.”

You will get a chart that displays all of your queries regarding a specific year. You can repeat queries for other years.

Special Note

Remember that HCUP only collects information in 39 states, usually the larger and more populous states (names provided on the HCUP website). If you need additional information for a specific state, you can contact the State Health Department to see if they collect data for your disease or malformation.