Membership Agreement

This Agreement is made by and between the members of the UCSF Pediatric Device Consortium.

The Pediatric Device Consortium is a group of clinicians, scientists, engineers, device industry representatives, and others who have chosen to collaborate to facilitate the process of pediatric device development.

Because the success of the Pediatric Device Consortium’s mission requires establishing an environment of trust where ideas are shared freely and openly over time, the group subscribes to a policy of “open innovation.” Members of the group agree to the following conditions:


Members are privileged to propose new ideas and projects or to contribute to other members’ ideas and projects. The privilege should not be abused by disclosing ideas or projects without the consent of the member and/or group. Members agree that they will respect any Confidential Information discussed at the meetings in the same way they expect their shared information to be treated by others.


Members retain all rights to intellectual property in accordance with U.S. patent law and University of California or industry agreements. All rights to inventions, whether patentable or not, conceived or first actually reduced to practice by one or more members will belong to those members. Inventorship is decided between and among the members involved with a given invention. Members agree to negotiate in good faith the disposition of joint invention.

The Pediatric Device Consortium has no right to intellectual property. The role of the Pediatric Device Consortium is to facilitate members’ access to resources such as the UCSF Office of Technology Management, patent attorneys, and potential funding sources.


Members will disclose verbally at the weekly meeting and/or in writing through the Pediatric Device Consortium’s confidential web portal any claims to sole or joint inventions.


By signing below, members agree to abide by the spirit of this agreement. Membership is forfeited by violation of this agreement confirmed by majority vote of the members.