What We Do

The PDC is here to help you, the pediatric device inventor. A pediatric device can be anything from a band-aid to a surgical implant. Many devices are “scaled down” for children. Our mandate is to work towards developing devices that are created specifically for the benefit of children. Historically, pharmaceuticals as well as adult surgical and medical devices have far overshadowed the development and commercialization of pediatric devices. Granted, the pediatric markets are smaller, but the need is just as great. Pediatric devices should not, in general, be considered as scaled down approved devices for adults.

We can help with patent and regulatory information, electrical and biomechanical consulting, cadaver and device testing as well as legal and business insight.

How We Operate

The PDC is a membership organization and open to anyone. There are no fees associated with our consortium.

We operate weekly “think tanks” that bring innovators and entrepreneurs together with a wide range of physicians, engineers, and designers. We have two weekly meetings; one at the UCSF Parnassus Campus and the other at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus. All members are required to register on-line and sign a general membership agreement which allows for a free transfer of information to the extent the inventors wants to share with the group.

The PDC plays no role in patents applications, or the intellectual property process, through the UCSF Office of Technology Management or with outside entities. The PDC is not a marketplace for investor, venture capitalists or large device manufacturers to create a relationship with the device inventor. We leave this to the inventor and any contacts they may make through the PDC meetings or membership network.

Our mission is to provide advice, experience, and technical support to those individuals and groups who are working to create medical devices for children.