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Welcome to the UCSF Pediatric Device Consortium, or PDC. We call ourselves the “D'Vice Squad.” We are a group of physicians, engineers, scientists designers and others, all inventors collaborating and sharing ideas to create pediatric medical devices. We are free thinkers, focused on open collaboration among all our members.

We are funded by a new grant program of the FDA Office of Orphan Products. Our mission is to help move your idea from concept to commercialization and assist with all the steps in between.

Our members have a wide range of expertise. Some of us are in the midst of developing a device; others are looking for a device to commercialize. A few people come to our meetings just to learn and participate in someone else’s dream.

There is no cost to join the D'Vice Squad. We can offer you exciting discussions, links to federal resources and a chance to possibly work with some very talented individuals on innovative medical projects.